55 James Court, Smythes Creek, Victoria 3351

Using our Securlock Home Automation technology, we are able to provide specialist solutions such as:

– Keyless entry for guests on arrival with date and time limits to ensure security. Our home automation solution allows the owner of the accommodation to remotely set a PIN using a computer or smart device. Set a specific PIN for your cleaner, which when entered in the door lock, will notify you via email.

– Control appliances wirelessly from inside or outside your home. Turn on or off lamps, fans, heaters, etc. using your smart device. You can remotely switch on light or view a camera on your smart device to see who is at the front door, before remotely unlocking the door. The camera solution is great for when you have a tradie coming to the guesthouse, you can let them in when they arrive.
– In bush fire prone areas, have the ability to remotely turn on a sprinkling system to wet down your roof or areas surrounding your house.

The system allows you to run multiple locks and application modules of one controller, which is great for lodge style accommodation.
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