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When it comes to running a Bed and Breakfast the highs and lows are plentiful, from seasonal peak times when there are not enough hours in the day to the quieter times when a few rooms are vacant.

MGIB understands the never-ending challenges that short stay accommodation providers face day to day and we know that above all else, superior service is the key to your success – so it’s the key to ours too. We are here for your when things go wrong so that you can maintain your focus on your guests.
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At WFI our area managers and client service teams are experienced insurance professionals who take the time to listen, understand what’s important to you and talk to you about your insurance options. That way you choose the cover that suits your needs.

HAA members are able to benefit from insuring under the Hosted Accommodation Australia WFI Agency.

WFI Commercial Plan consists of a range of different policies, covering a wide variety of risks. This approach gives you greater flexibility, and if circumstances change it is easy for you to add another policy.

Why Choose WFI?
We are a leading insurer with over 90 years of experience
You deal directly with WFI, from enquiry to claim
Your Area Manager will offer you personal service
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