Members must:

1. Abide by the Constitution of Hosted Accommodation Australia Ltd and any other by-laws, rules and standards of HAA.

2. Conduct their business to or above the standard approved by the Board of HAA on admittance to membership. Each member must be prepared for an assessment inspection if deemed necessary by the Board.

3. Register and maintain their business name on the national business names register administered by ASIC to enable HAA to use their property in its marketing and promotional activities.

4. Carry Public liability insurance suitable to the business of at least $10,000,000.

5. Have approval of their Local Council to operate as an accommodation establishment.

6. Conform to required Federal, State and Local Government legislation and other regulations relating to the conduct of their business.

7. Observe the provisions of the Privacy Act and respect the confidentiality of any personal information collected in the normal conduct of business.

8. Acknowledge that as a member they are a participant in the National Gift Voucher Program and, as such, are bound by the rules of the program.

9. Provide genuine hospitality, courtesy and cleanliness; be reasonably available and/or able to be contacted by guests at all times, and provide emergency contact information.

10. Operate with integrity and honesty and describe accurately to all visitors the amenities, facilities and services provided by the establishment in person, advertising material and promotions.

11. Provide only direct business contact details for publication in HAA marketing and promotional material eg website, brochures etc. Telephone numbers, email and website addresses for booking or management agencies that provide services to non-HAA member businesses are not accepted.

12. Include breakfast as a component of the daily tariff where a business is promoted or advertised as a Bed and Breakfast.

13. State clearly verbally and/or in writing at the time of taking a booking enquiry, all charges and tariffs, the conditions of booking and the conditions of cancellation.

14. Respond courteously to all enquiries, requests, reservations and complaints.

15. Under a duty of care, provide a safe and risk-free environment for guests. Take all reasonable action to ensure that furniture, equipment, plant and products likely to be encountered by guests are in safe and good working order. List all potential hazards/risks that exist within the business on a regular basis in order to assess methods of overcoming them. Notify guests upon arrival of any potential safety hazards and clearly display safety and emergency procedures in each guest accommodation.

16. Give notice to HAA one month prior of any transfer, sale or cessation of the business.