Hosted Accommodation Australia publishes a comprehensive guide for anyone wishing to develop a business.The Guide will save you hours of research and will set you on a solid path to developing your own business.

It is in three sections and contact details are given for every organisation that is mentioned in the Guide

SECTION 1 The Tourism Industry in Australia

An overview of Federal, State and Local networks and which organisations will impact on your business

SECTION 2 Compliance Matters

Topics include the laws and licensing requirements you will need to comply with including planning, food safety, liquor licensing, insurance, safety, employment, hire of locums and anti-discrimination.

SECTION 3 Setting Up and Operating Your Business

Topics include furnishing and equipping your accommodation, looking after your guests, tariff setting, cancellation policies and marketing tips.

If the Guide is purchased for business purposes it can be claimed as a business expense for taxation purposes.


Non Members $60 inclusive of GST and postage and handling


HAA Members $36 inclusive of GST and postage and handling


Telephone 1300 664 707 or email for more information.